Saturday, August 1, 2009

Those who do not know may wonder...and they who know may still wonder. See "the semi-channeled experimental spiritual reverie":

"Transmetamorphosis: Messages From the Emerald Host"...

“I like the wisdom and the humor…”

- Prof. Mark B. Woodhouse , PhD. Associate Professor of Philosophy Emeritus, Georgia State University; author of Paradigm Wars: Worldviews for a New Age

These inspirational/channeled/whatever writings of yours…had a familiar ring to me, because it was sort of channeled, sort of self-transcending, sort of “flow,” sort of inspirational, and also quite beautiful, like a gifted lyrical poet/writer. I found the writing to be especially attractive aesthetically, speaking as a literature lover and poet. It has a lot more lyrical figurative loveliness to it and attention to how things are said than most New Age typo writing…of so much of the material that I end up reading, and it sure is a lot, your writing is especially aesthetically pleasing to me. And what it’s saying, the ideas, are right-feeling and thinking to me as well. I like the way you get going in techno-shaman-expertise mixed argot riffs. I also think of the late Terence McKenna and a number of others…some of us form this invisible college club of sorts in this genre, this mode, this way of being and doing. So I recognize in you a bird of the same basic feather.”

- Prof. Jon Klimo, PhD. former professor of education at Rutgers University, senior faculty member at the Rosebridge Graduate School of Integrative Psychology in Concord, California, where he directs the doctoral program in parapsychology. Author of Channeling: Investigations on Receiving Information from Paranormal Sources. See interview with Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove from Thinking Allowed tv show.

"Eni Lightbeam: Master Teacher"
transmitted through T.S. Minton


What follows are lightly channeled writings, a synergy of transmissions from realms beyond and the percolating simulacrum of the unconscious. Meta-rational skeptics are invited to open new channels, and hardline debunkers are instructed to take a flying leap at donut. Knowers wink your inner eye.


Master Teacher "Eni Lightbeam" issues forth...
(These readings were inspired by instructions in Wealth 101 by the late Peter McWilliams.)

A message on Manhood:
"Seek to protect and project your manhood in positive ways. Be aware and beware of the residue of past karma, and set new karma in motion."

A message on Health:
"Make your body a vessel to receive the elemental forces."

A message on Love:
"Go back to the earliest roots of childhood, discover what loving meant to you then. Therein lies the seed and the blight and the promise of future happiness."

A message on Desire:
"You have had to learn full well that there's never the rose without the thorn; even so, life will have to teach you time and again the wages of your truest desires. Never fear, for you would find that the wages of renegged desire are a cost far more dear."

A message on Clarity:
"Stay clear, if you want to steer your own course."

A message on Feeling:
"To become real, feel."

A message on Balance:
"Set the wheels in motion, pluck the essence from the areas you want in your life, then move on."

"Don't chase your own tail more than is necessary."

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