Saturday, August 1, 2009

Since Yahoo's GeoCities is closing October 26, 2009, it's imperative that I post links from the wild and wooly pages of my former online arts magazine Eleusinian Visions, now archived at the Smithsonian-sponsored Internet Archive "Wayback Machine." Tucked away in my GeoCities file manager, I also have some unpublished gems from the talented stable of artists, writers, and creative firebrands I featured on that site (which eventually morphed into the defunct TSM Visions and Interfusion Visions, which is still hosted on Tripod, see I'll also feature on this blog a few unpublished items of my own.

Here's the link to Eleusinian Visions, which received the Ernest Slyman Best Webzine Award in 1998, and these words from the noted poet Mr. Slyman: "Terrific pages. Great design. Great contribution to the World Wide Web."

And here's the even more obscure TSM Visions:

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